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5When looking to move from one place to another, the thought of self-moving or hiring professional movers will no doubt creep in. Often it is daunting to decide whether you should do the moving yourself or call local moving companies and get the quotes to help with the moving process. More often than not, this decision will boil down to time and cost – both of which are very important and will determine how successful the move will be.

You have to compare local moving companies’ quotes and estimates so as to make an informed decision on the service provider to work with. But how do these service providers charge? Here are some basics you need to keep in mind when doing the comparison. 

The first thing you need to determine is the weight of what needs to be moved. It is often advisable to know how much a company charges per kilo/pound before you start narrowing down your list of service providers. While weight charges should not singlehandedly help you determine the local moving company to work with, there are several other elements that you ought to consider. It is not uncommon to find some service providers charging more per kilo, but include additional services in their quote.

Another thing that you need to know is about how the local moving companies calculate their cost. Companies will often vary in their calculations. There are those that will give you some rate as per the per-estimated weight of things to be moved, and there are others that will base their rate on a fixed amount… sort of a fixed charge. This is normally referred to as non-binding and binding charges respectively.

It is important to note that these estimates differ a great deal from what is known as not-to-exceed estimate. While most service providers will often overestimate on the amount of money one should pay, the not-to-exceed estimate is often loved by many because it helps ensure that one does not exceed their budgetary allocation for the move.

In other words, by knowing the highest possible figure you will end up paying, you will be able to accurately determine the true cost of the move. One of the major things that determine the actual cost that local moving companies charge is the distance covered. You do not expect to pay the same price as someone moving just across the street if you are moving on the other end of town or to a different town?

Before you decide on any particular mover, ensure you understand the types of estimates clearly that each mover has to offer so you can establish what works best for your specific situation.